Friday, December 18, 2015

Mysore skies

The sky in my home town
Wears an amber gown
With streaks of orange
In a border golden-brown

The Sun casts one last glance
Making an inventory
The Hill, the River, the Palace
Everything's intact

Stars in the clear sky
Hang like silver charms
The Moon's an amulet
Guarding the city at night

Hey, why's the town glum?
It has a brooding frown
Pining for its children
Away from home

Consoling, singing lullabies
Tucking it to bed
The sky embraces my town
In a warm, tight hug.


A distant cloud catches my sight
As if Australia were afloat
Nearly so, Adelaide's a greyish blur
I've seen this before, I kid you not

One evening fifteen years ago
Unburdening, my lungs dried out
For a young heart prematuredly battered
The endless sky held escape routes

Gliding clouds guarded bitter secrets
Untethered by imposed reality
Integrating, disintegrating, a bead
In a string of eternal reincarnation

Undying, free-floating spirit
It stood above me
Waiting for updates
And I compared notes

Farewell my friend, I wish you well
Some day when I look up
Will you still be there?
I'll bring new tales with a fresh start
Each time, let's erase the past.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Racing with Time

Remember that day?
We met in an open field, years ago
Walked hand in hand
Promised to never let go

Strumming under sunlight tender
Was dawn's freshest air
Caressing abundant green, Our hearts
Struck by boundless joy

Who were we? Where from? Our roots?
The past was a blur, really.
The present golden; Our dreams
Took flight into a future unknown

We walked, We sprinted
Panting for breathe,We ran...
Now! This moment, when our bodies are warm
Let's embrace in each others arm.

And I ran my fingers
Through the contours of your face
It felt like cold metal
How come I was numb?

The air was heavy
My chest hollow
My face chipped away
The limbs pulled down

Our wings clipped, roots strewn
The future was present;You, inanimate,
As I crumbled to dust,
The storm was gone.